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Bartholomeus I Bruyn, attributed (1493-1555). Portrait of a man with fur collar and book, 1544. Est.: € 6000 - 8000

18 – 20 June Live auction:


Viewing days
13 to 17 June

Live auction
18 June | 2PM | Classic. part 1 (lot 1-225)
19 June | 2PM | Classic. part 2 (lot 300-511)
20 June | 10AM | Classic. Works on paper pt. 1 (lot 1000-1148)
20 June | 2PM | Classic. Works on paper pt. 2 (lot 1200-1524)

In June’s ‘Classic.’ auction, we turn our attention to the past. From paintings, drawings, prints by Old Masters, through period furniture and antiques (including a considerable collection of silverware) to a selection of nineteenth-century tableaux by Romantic masters. An overview.

A 1544 portrait of a man attributable to Bartholomew I Bruyn contrasts with a tumultuous depiction of the Carrying of the Cross attributable to Master of Paul and Barnabas. The fur-collar-clad man looks resignedly ahead, while the religious scene features dozens of characters with central Christ slumped under the weight of the Cross and in the background the Golgotha hill under ominously dark skies. The subject of that painting is the foreboding Lance stab, also present in this auction, painted by an anonymous artist from the circle of Maerten de Vos.

From the works of the 17th century, which often deal with rural life, a ravishing depiction of poultry in Adriaen van Utrecht’s neerhof stands out alongside a kitchen piece attributable to Adriaen Boogaert. A more complete depiction of rural life is found by Abraham Govaerts, who places the houses and barns in the background and focuses on the dirt road and brushy trees that lead carts and walkers to the village. This peaceful, sunny scene contrasts with the violent robbery depicted by Pieter Molenaer. The canvas reads like a movie, the chaos is huge. A mob calls a halt to the carts and riders and, while threatening with weapons, appropriates the possessions of the hapless passers-by. A follower of Sebastiaan Vrancx additionally offers us an impressive scene from the Battle of Lekkerbeetje, fought on Vughterheide in 1600.

In young Belgium, besides its decorative aspect, painting also served a higher purpose, that of creating a common historical background. As such, the Ghent-based artist Gustave Vanaise takes us along to a dramatic moment in the turbulent late 16th century. In his 1880 ‘William Key paints the portrait of the Duke of Alva ordering the beheading of the Earls of Egmont and Hoorne’ – a large canvas already exhibited at the Paris Salon the same year – Vanaise depicts the painter at the moment he hears the verdict of the ‘duc d’albe’. William Key would – at least according to biographer Van Mander – take his own life the same day, i.e. 5 June 1568 (est.: €8/10000). Also by Hendrik Schaeffels, a member of the so-called ‘Antwerp School of Painting’ of the 19th century, there is an interesting historical piece, namely the ‘Rückkehr der Krieger nach der Belagerung von Antwerpen 1571’, painted exactly 300 years later (est.: €6/8000).

Lovers of history, architecture as well as Leuven will then be able to revel in an impressive canvas by Michael Neher (1798-1876). A native of Munich, the little-known painter in our region specialised in architectural representations of places along the Rhine to Belgium from the age of 40. The work, a finely painted animated townscape with characters in front of the Leuven town hall in 1857, is a typical example. Already exhibited in London in 1915, it also originated in England and was later resold by a renowned antique dealer from Knokke (est.: €60/80000). Similar works, smaller in size and lower in estimate, are by contemporaries Wake Cheltenham and Jan-Michiel Ruyten (with a view in Antwerp).

A showpiece still life by Jean-Baptiste Robie and an even more beautiful one by Julie Palmyre Van Marcke-Robert would almost outshine the genre scenes, were it not for a few by Jos Schippers.. This Antwerp artist, master of ‘singeries’ is represented with three works, with the ‘Amateur’ and the tavern scene referring to Brueghel standing out in particular.

Charles Verlat with ‘La première pipe’ and Victor Marais-Milton with ‘No scratching’ are also gems with a wink.

‘It’s on me’, a canvas byCharles Meer Webb, two richly upholstered interiors with card-playing – cheating ? – gentlemen by the incomparable Gerard Portielje, a ‘Caught servant’ and four tableaux by Ferdinand De Braekeleer nicely complete the list of ringing names from the Romantic era.

Portraits and, in their wake, images of characters with dreamy glances that, sometimes somewhat sentimentally, deliberately portray something of the soul life of the person portrayed, are on offer by, among others, Carolus Tremerie, who depicts a girl on the Ghent flower market ca. 1886 (est.: € 20/25000), by Jan Van Beers, present with a resplendent ‘Romance by daylight’, or by Charles Boom as well.

We cannot conclude this section of some 80 romantic paintings without mentioning the landscapes and animals, brushed in all finesse by Eugène Verboeckhoven or François Van Severdonck.

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Collecting your purchases
Only by appointment and after payment, collection is possible from Monday 24 June and Friday 5 July, between 9AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM, and exceptionally on Saturday 29 June between 10AM and 1PM.

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