Please send us pictures of the works, by post, e-mail ( or via the intake form. Our experts get a first impression of the quality and sales value of your antiques. Please also include a short description, dimensions and possible origin, as well as, if possible, signature, date, material and/or defects.

We will send you your estimate and an answer as soon as possible as to whether these items are eligible for the auction of April and June. This estimate is free of charge.

By appointment only, you can, subject to our agreement via e-mail, bring the works of art to our offices or we will pick them up at your home. Contact us by mail:

Please respect the deadline of consignation for the auction, as several interesting lots will be often taken on consignment.



To find out if your works of art are eligible for one of our auctions we recommend to send us first some pictures of the object(s). A clear picture of the item or some overview pictures of home contents give our experts a first impression about the quality and the sales possibilities of your item(s). Please note that we cannot give you an immediate estimate at that point.

You can send us these pictures by post, email ( or use the intakeform. Please provide a brief description, dimensions and eventually the origin of the item, as well as, if possible, signature, date, material and/or flaws. To the extent possible, your request will be answered within a week after sending. If your request is deemed positive, then we will ask you to bring your item(s) to our offices for a more accurate estimate. This estimate is free and non-binding.

For important pieces and large home contents, we will gladly visit you at home. Auction House Bernaerts relies upon external experts for certain domains like, among others, works of European masters of top quality, design, jewellery, weapons and Asian art. In certain cases, the costs of this kind of estimate can be charged to the seller. Our experts will inform you about this matter in advance.

Step 2: Consignment & limit prices

After the valuation/expertise by the expert, a contract (or 'consignment slip') will be drafted in our offices or at your home. This contract involves the sales conditions, the individual data of the seller and the amount of the fee, the usual 15% on the hammer price. We strongly recommend you to deliver the goods at the auction room (Verlatstraat 18 in 2000 Antwerp). A transport can also be arranged at the expense of the seller.

Please note the closing date for the auction: at the latest six weeks before the beginning of the exhibition. View the calendar overview of our next auctions here.

For each item an indicative estimate is given on the consignment slip. There are three different possibilities to determine the limit price.

No limit (lower than € 1,000):

Items estimated under € 1,000 are sold to the highest bidder, without any reserve, 'at any price'. In this case, a '0' is listed on the consignment slip under 'start/limit'. An estimate is giving for items estimated from € 500 on in the catalogue.

Discrete limit (€ 1,000-€ 3,000):

For estimations from € 1,000 on, a discrete limit is set: the item is sold to the highest bidder with a self-imposed limit by the auction house, the so-called 'discrete limit', namely about 25% less than the estimate.
E.g.: € 2,000/€ 2,500 estimate, discrete limit: € 1,500. The consignment slip only states the estimate.

Limit price (higher than € 3,000):

At Bernaerts, each item with an estimate from € 3,000 on receives a limit price. This price is clearly stated on the consignment slip.

Step 3: Auction

About two weeks before the start of the exhibition you will receive an overview of the items that will be offered with entry of the item number, the date and the time of the auction. In order to achieve the highest price for each item, we look in mutual consultation and lot per lot which auction is the most relevant. In case of large home contents, it is therefore possible that not all items are sold in the same auction.

Prior to each auction, the Auction House Bernaerts organizes viewing days (the so-called exhibitions), so potential buyers can examine and investigate the items offered. The exhibition is held each Thursday through Sunday prior to the auction, continuously from 10 am to 6 pm. You are obviously welcome to both the exhibition and the auction of your items. Booking in advance is not necessary for the auction is public and accessible to everyone. As a seller, you will also get a free ticket to our Platform concerts, every Thursday evening of the exhibition session.

The live auction is accompanied by a catalogue in which each item is described with the appropriate scientific comment. Important items are accompanied - free of charge - by a picture in the printed catalogue. Each item is published online. The photos of the items are projected during the live auction in the Platform auction room on the first floor, a renovated movie theatre. The exhibition remains partially accessible during the auction.

If your item did not find a successful bidder during the live auction, it will still be available for potential buyers during several days in the 'Aftersales '. This online timed auction ends on Monday at noon after the live auction. The buyer pays a higher fee (30%) and for the seller the sales conditions remain the same.

Step 4: Payment

After the sale of the goods, you will receive a statement indicating the hammer price minus the fee and the possible cost (transport or eventual expertise). Provided that the buyer has paid his dues, the net amount is paid by bank transfer five weeks after the auction.

If one or more items remained unsold, the choice is yours: either you take the item(s) back, or you leave the item(s) in consignment with us and we will try to offer it a second time at a next auction. Please note: at the second offer, the estimates should eventually be lowered, up to a maximum of 50% of the initial price. We recommend that you contact us to discuss this further. If within a reasonable time we hear nothing of you, the item(s) is (are)automatically presented at a next auction. Unsold items at a Silent Sale [link naar FAQ-Silent Sale] might be presented at a next auction with a starting price of € 1.

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Collections, expertises or deliveries can only be made by appointment by mail (, telephone (0032 3 248 1921) or use the online appointment agenda.

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Modified traffic situation from 3 October

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From 3 October until Spring 2023, Vlaamsekaai will be closed.
Our auction house in Verlatstraat can however still be easily reached from the Leopold de Waelplaats.

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