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In 2012 Auction House Bernaerts opened its new ' Museum Room ' creating a connection between the two parallel streets Verlat- and Museumstraat. The "Bernaerts Gallery" ( rooms offer a space for works of art that have not yet found their way to the circuit of galleries or the traditional auctions. Works of contemporary artists, homogeneous collections, found objects, video installations or constructions and works on paper or forgotten masters subject to a renewed interest can find their refuge , for a short period, in this space.

In this stern space of 250 m², with two entrances on the Museumstraat and a strategically implanted patio, delimited by The ' Wondrous display case - a 20 m. long wall of glass - we have already presented works of, among others, Karl Meersman, Peter Van Straaten, Koen Broucke, Yoeri Demeure, Klaar Prims, Johan Baudart, Emile Hecq, Frederik Lizen, Stef Kamil Carlens, Luc Tegenbos, Pol Matthé, Rudy Trouvé, Stefanos Rokos, Rudy Lanjouw, Peter Weidenbaum, Bram Kinsbergen, and organized 'Lamart Offspace', an international group exhibition of young artists - Damon Zucconi, Radna Rumping, Daan Gielis, Emma van der Put, Eleanor Ray, Wim Van der Celen, Katrien Claes and Brecht Koelman - during the Antwerp Art Weekend. ( does not profile itself as a gallery, but hopes to expand the horizon of those who are fascinated by the beauty of the works of art by famous, yet to be discovered or forgotten artists.

The Museum room and the patio can also be rented for occasional use. Through this room you can also access the Verlat and Platform rooms (by a staircase and a lift). For more information, please visit [link] or contact peter


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Collections, expertises or deliveries can only be made by appointment by mail (, telephone (0032 3 248 1921) or use the online appointment agenda.

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Modified traffic situation from 3 October

Construction Zuidpark.
From 3 October until Spring 2023, Vlaamsekaai will be closed.
Our auction house in Verlatstraat can however still be easily reached from the Leopold de Waelplaats.

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