21 & 22 oktober: Moderne Meesters, resultaten
Veilingen / 10 oktober 2013 0:00

(tekst enkel in het Engels, onze excuses)

The autumn sale on October 20 and 21 was slightly disappointing when it came the classic 19th century romantic period/ artists but all the more exhilarating regarding the modern art that was presented. Hereby some results (excl. commission).

A landscape with river by H.A. Zaalberg (lot 18) left the room for 4200 euros, a pair of panels by Eugène Siberdt from 1906 (lot 36) got up to 7000 euros and a portrait by Jan Portielje (lot 88) found a new owner for 3200 euros. The surprise of the evening was a majestic winter landscape with people in a sledge by Karel Ooms (lot 111) which ended on a well earned 20000 euros. 

Sculptures and applied arts from the same period seemed to draw far more attention.

A marvellous carved portrait by Cincinatto Baruzzi (lot 42) climbed up to 9500 euros, while a Napoleon III display cabinet (lot 81) got four times its estimate and ended on 12000 euros. A necklace in white gold with 13kt saffires (lot 163) was hammered at 13000 euros. 

The afternoon sale on Tuesday was a huge success for early 20th century animal sculptures, namely by Thierry Van Rijswijck (lot 285), Albéric Collin (lot 287) and Frans Jochems (lot 289) earning resp. 55000, 43000 and 18000 euros.

The same goes for the paintings with Emile Claus and Léon Spilliaert leading the pack with 17000 and 54000 euros.

On the contemporary side, much of the light was shed on Philippe Vandenberg. Two smaller paintings, from 1997 and 1990, the latter one from the Flor Bex collection easily made 5200 (lot 413) and 8000 (lot 414) euros. A large painting by the same (lot 415) even made 16000 euros, immediately followed by a series early and important paintings by Wout Vercammen (lots 416 – 420) making, all together, 10000 euros. 




Lot 285
Thierry Van Rijswijck 
Pair of dromedaries.
Signed. Foundry Batardy.
48 x 65 x 26 cm
res.: 55000



       Lot 415
          Philippe Vandenberg
        Composition. Canvas
          Signed and dated 1988-89.
        150 x 200 cm
      res.: 16000




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