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Theme: To celebrate 40 years of existence, auction house Bernaerts organises a prestigious auction from the 2nd to the 4th of December with eye catching pieces from 1450 untill present day. A chronological overview.

An exceptional mid-15th century Flemish book of hours with 33 devotional miniatures is the oldest piece out of this celebration auction. The prestigious little gem, to be situated in Bruges approx. 1440-1450 to be attributed to partially a follower of the brothers Van Eyck and partially to a follower from the Master of the “Goudranken” (lot 348). It got estimated between fifty and sixty thousand euros.

A striking ’Allegory of the Earth’ from Jan II Van Kessel (1654-1708) in cooperation with Abraham Willemsen, certified by Klaus Ertz (2012) is another masterpiece. This work on copper, derived from the family Von Galen, is in perfect state and will be shown in the display window, estimated between 100 and 125.000 euros.

16th-17th century
Some Italian bronzes from e.a. Caspar Gras and Francesco Bertos will be presented next to religious sclpture in polychromed wood, whereby some gorgeous rectangular plaques definititely shouldn’t be overviewed. There are some Mechelin alabasters with representation of ’The Adoration of The Wisemen and of the Shepherds’ for sale for 6 to 8.000 euros. Furthermore you can find a Mechelin virgin with child next to alter piece fragments, high reliefs, putti and corpi christi.

The eye catcher of the paintings is an alter piece by Jan-Erasmus Quellinus and a vanitas still life by Catharina Ykens dated 1688 (lot 510). Definitely superior is a ’Cain and Abel’ out of the former Jesuit college, made by Frans Floris (1519-1570). Several large 17th and 18th century Flemish and Oudenaerde tapestry are to be admired in room ’Platform’ with, in addition an impressive late 17th century Christ figure made of ivory (height 130cm) estimated between 6 and 8.000 euros.

An extensive collection of 47 Delft blue peacock – tale dishes, all sold together, shows us that each lot for this celebration auction has to be at least remarkable. Some very interesting discoveries are to be made by the icons and works on paper. For example the late 18th century big world atlas by William Faden (lot 352), which gives us insight of the early beginnings of the United States (10/12000€). Another interesting lot is the extremely precious small pocket atlas by Peter Verbist from Antwerp.

19th century
Eutrope Bouret, Claude-Michel Clodion, Jules-Jacques Labatut, Adrien-Etienne Gaudez, Jean-Jules Cambos, Jef Lambeaux, Emile Laporte, Horace Aillion, Christophe Fratin, Antoine-Louis Barye, Pierre-Jules Mène, E.F.Eugène Navellier, Emile Boisseau, Emile Laporte, Hippolyte Moreau, … these are all artists we will find back in the abundance of bronze sculptures. Mathurin Moreau’s ’Pêcheuse à la ligne’ has been estimated between 5 and 7.000 euros. Paintings are represented in large numbers, all of them of a very high quality. Leon Brunin, Charles Boland, Victor Marais-Milton (cardinals playing music), Jos Schippers (’Tavern scene’ dated 1935) and Henriette Ronner are names you will find represented among many other incredable painters.

Outstanding is the rare ’Charity’, by the Brittish Briton Rivière, an important English painting estimated between thirty and forty thousand euros. Also an impressive De Braekeleer paiting from 1855 by Ferdinand De Braekeleer and ’La braise’ by the Italian Angelo Inganni, estimated between 12 and 15000 euros are works to pay attention to. Other names to remember: Nicaise De Keyser, Joseph Van Lerius, Jacob Jacobs, Gerard Portielje and François Musin.

20th century
Out of the private collection of no one other then avantgarde figurehead and literator Paul Van Ostaijen we received a small collection of drawings and prints of the greats from the interbellum period. Original drawings by Jozef Peeters and Paul Joostens, woodcuts by Heinrich Campendonk and watercolors by Ferdinand Schirren fill half of the catalogue ’Works on paper’ that is issued specifically for this celebration auction. It highlights that, next to being a known poet -writer, Paul Van Ostaijen could also be seen as an art dealer. The celebration catalogue of Bernaerts also contains the astonishing and very rare ’The entry of Christ into Brussels’ by James Ensor, colored and countersigned. Thuis masterpiece is estimated between 70 and 90.000 euros. Next to this work of genius, other drawings of the Ostend artist as well as drawings by Leon Spilliaert and René Magritte are included in this catalogue. Magritte’s (gouache) with representation of flower and leaves is estimated around 100/125.00 euros. Beautiful and rare modern prints are there by Robert Indiana and Louise Bourgeois.

Another exciting work is the curious serving dish, painted by Jozef Peeters in 1923 (est.: € 15/2000). Never before such work on metal by this Antwerp constructivist was shown on a public auction. Beautiful sculptures by Georges Minne (bust) and Albéric Collin (’Le dernier fiacre’) will also be addressed. A monumental Sam Dillemans, an intriguing Jan De Cock and original works of international artists like Moïse Kisling, Pablo Picasso (lot 834) and Marc Chagall… in short, een auction worth celebrating!