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detail Victor Rousseau

Monday 9 March at 7pm: Modern Art (lots 1-150)
Tuesday 10 March at 7pm: Modern Art  + Design (lots 200-295)
Wednesday 11 March at 10am: Works on paper (lots 1000-1204)
Wednesday 11 March at 2pm: Works on paper (lots 1207-1493)

Viewing days:
from Thursday 5 till Sunday 8 March from 10am till 6pm 
(venue Platform on the first floor on Sunday 8 March only accessible from 12am)

Sunday 8 March from 10h45-12am

detail Luc Tuymans

This auction resolutely draws the map of the 20th century, with the most important work dating back to 2010, “Publicity” by Luc Tuymans. The canvas was purchased by a supermarket owner at rest at the Tuymans' 14th exhibition at the Antwerp Zeno X gallery, entitled 'The Twenty Seventh of January Two Thousand and Eleven'. 

In the painting, the artist questions the consumption behavior of Western consumers. On the canvas, a publicity brochure of an undefined discount supermarket is blurred, the type of brochure that is distributed freely in the letterbox and in which the dream is sold that something can be purchased almost free of charge. The products and their prices in the brochure are made illegible with a black text marker. The mutual interchangeability of the products is hereby emphasized. After all, the (cheap) price is more important than the product. The consumer is inclined to provide himself with the – usually unnecessary – products included in such brochures for the sake of profit.

The canvas is estimated € 380-450.000.
20th century

detail Zao Wou Ki 

From Jan Fabre a model of a never-realized project in Middelburg, entitled “The emperor of the loss”, is on offer. This is one of the pieces from the Flor Bex collection. Other ones, especially made for the 'Liber Amicorum' of the former director of MUHKA in 2002, are included in the Works on Paper auction on 11 March.

An impressive bronze sculpture by the Milanese sculptor Mario Negri (1916-1987), on display on the patio, is estimated between 6 and 8,000 euros, slightly more than what is expected from a sculpture by Dominique Stroobant, from the Axel Vervoordt Gallery.
We'll also be looking forward to a large “Nikè” by Paul Wunderlich, work by Wout Vercammen, André Bogaert, Sam Dillemans, Jean Schwind or a bronze chair by Touar.

detail Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Les Maîtres de l'Affiche

detail Jan Fabre

From the beginning of the 20th century, a number of works by Floris and Oscar Jespers will also be presented for sale, in addition to two canvases dating from 1958 by Jozef Peeters and a sculpture by Ernest Wijnants. An imposing bronze “Victoire” by Victor Rousseau, recorded in the retrospective in PSK, 1933, is catalogued around 6/8,000 euros. Will also presented for sale: canvases by Frans Masereel, Gustave De Smet, Pierre Paulus, Jan Van Beers, Albert Saverijs, Henri Thomas, and a “Sunday afternoon in the park” by Modest Huys which is estimated 8 to 10.000 euros.
A selection of drawings by mainly Belgian artists, with the exception of a.o. a charcoal drawing by Alphonse Mucha designed for the Bosnian pavilion in 1900 (est.:4/6000) and one by the Jewish artist Abel Pann, will be offered for sale. It includes a watercolour by Rik Wouters (Portrait of Fernand Verhaeghe), “Deeske”, a pencil portrait by Gustave van de Woestyne, two magnificent modernist drawings by Prosper De Troyer and a magnificent sheet by Léon Frédéric.
No fewer than eight drawings by Henri Evenepoel will also be presented, in addition to several pieces by Edgard Scauflaire and some unknown works by René Guiette.
Eugeen Van Mieghem, on the other hand, is ever present with several high end drawings. Frits van den Berghe is expected to fetch around 35 to 45,000 euros for “Het Afscheid” from 1929.

A brush drawing by Christian Dotremont is also offered (est .: 3/4000), together with a series of eight watercolours by Jan Fabre, entitled '' Fantasy insects & sleep, sleep little animals' (1975), estimated at 20/22000 euros and a view of Antheit by Paul Delvaux. For the collectors of interbellum graphics, we are looking forward to presenting two volumes of 'Les Maîtres de l'Affiche' (1898-1899), a phenomenal collection of 96 small scale Belle Epoque posters by, among others, Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Chéret, Eugène Grasset. There is a small collection of very rare prints by Henri Evenepoel (with 'La vieille maquerelle' from 1895) and Edgard Tytgat (Carrousels et Baraques, 1919).

detail Jozef Peeters

detail Modest Huys

Mario Negri

A large selection of Post-War prints are offered by a.o. Francis Bacon, Zao Wou-Ki, Ria Pacquée, Pierre Alechinsky, Marie-Jo Lafontainte, Pieter-Laurens Mol, Luc Tuymans (with a rare polaroid, “Ende” from 2007).