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We wrapped up the season in style, that means at Bernaerts: Old Masters and applied arts and furniture ranging from the 16th century till the 19th.

And with about 80% of the items sold, we marked this final point more than succesfully. As always on these sales, top range Delft earthenware galore:

a pair of heartshaped tulip vases (lot 4) took a fair 1800 euros whereas a so called 18th century action plate (lot 540) made a well earned 5800 euros. 

Alongside plates and porcelain, there was a fine choice of sculptures for sale. The results for this mainly sacred art ranged from approximately 2000 up to 5000 euros and more. The two top end lots (lots 73 and 74), both delicately sculpted in alabaster, both from overseas (Nottingham), took a large part of the audience by surprise and made a stunning 17000 and 11000 euros. The modern era was represented by one of its most gifted artists, Auguste Rodin (lot 505). His ’Suzon’ left the block at 9400 euros. Dubucand with his marvellous ’Retour de la chasse’ (lot 506) took a sprint at 12800 euros. 

It’s heartwaring to see that the Old Masters still draw an eager to buy public, in the room and on the phone or online.

A stunning ’Salvator Mundi’ (lot 54) from around 5000, trippled it’s estimate and ended on well earned 18000 euros. An anonymous panel after Lucas Van Leyden (lot 60) just got up to 7000 euros whereas a refined pair of landscapes on paper from the 18 th century (lot 65) changed onwer at 6800 euros.  

Some other results: A still life from Southern Europe (lot 195) shot up to 8000 euros, a 18th century follower of Johannes Wierix (lot 185) climbed up to 5200 euros, Constant Permeke (lot 820) got 7000 euros and Albert Saverys (lot 821) was wort 4000 euros.