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An impressive ensemble of high-quality Art Nouveau glassware is the central focus of the Fine Art and Antiques Session. The Belgian Bax collection contains rare and internationally valued pieces from among others Emile Gallé, Daum, Legras, Argy-Rousseau, and François-Emile Decorchemont.
Many of the lots were recorded, have provenances (Grobusch, Aachen/Sotheby's, London/Schloss Ahlden), and were reported in literature (Bloch-Dermant, Cappa, Büttiker, Bacri, etc).

Some of the 140 items offered for auction can be called exceptional for their artist collaborations (e.g. Amalric Walter & Henri Bergé), because very few similar pieces are known or in the possession of a museum (Nancy), or because of the specific choice of materials (colour gradation, silver penetrations, marquetry technique), shape or topic (specific botanica such as 'campanulas during a rain shower').
In 1964, the former owner and leading dental technician from Antwerp, Mr Arthur Bax, established the company CEKA which, under his management, developed into the international market leader in the field of spring pin attachments for dental prostheses. One of his ambitions was to promote science after his death.
A portion of the auction proceeds will therefore go to a foundation for the 'promotion of scientific research at universities with the aim of having a significant impact on how to fight life-threatening diseases’.
The private foundation 'Arthur Bax and Anna Vanluffelen Chair for Alzheimer’s Disease' stimulates research on neurodegenerative disorders. The holder of this chair is Prof Dr Bart De Strooper (KUL).