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With the June sale, curtains fall on the Spring season
On the last sale of the season about 1160 lots were offered for sale, of which 85% was sold.
Hereby an overview of the highlights (buyers’ premium not included).

Charles Van den Eycken (1859 – 1912)
’L’oiseau envolé’. Panel.
37 x 26 cm
RESULT: 6.600 €
August Van de Steene (1803 -1870)
Landscape. Panel.
 55 x 76 cm

RESULT: 3.400 €

170 x 177 cm
RESULT: 5.400 €
Hippolyte Moreau (1832 – 1927)
’La vendange’. Bronze.
H.: 76/84 cm
RESULT: 8.600 €

A painting by Raaphorst (lot 303) doubled the estimate and got up to 3400 euros while a chase between a bird and a dog by Charles van den Eyken (lot 308) finally reached 6600 euros. A beautiful depiction of David Teniers’ castle in Perk (near Brussels) by Cornelis Cels (lot 313) left the house at a fair 5600 euros.
A rare portrait by Marie Nicolas Ponce-Camus (lot 317), an apprentice of Jean-Louis David, returned to its homeland with a Parisian buyer for 4600 euros.On the modern side there are some results worth mentioning as well: a gorgeous plaster by Emile Poetu (lot 909), sold for 3600 euros, a posthumous Bugatti bronze from a series of three (lot 1021), depicting a marabo, left for 3000 euros, while a sparkling canvas by Jan Cobbaert (lot 1129) sold for 3800 euros and a fauvistic interior by Marcel Jefferys (lot 966) got off the block for 2400 euros.
Bronzes from the Romantic era sold, as uasual, quite well: ‘La vendange’ by Hippolyte Moreau (lot 518) took the highest bid at 8600 euros, while Clodion (lot 518), Chatrousse (lot 521) and Mathurin Moreau (lot 523) changed hands somewhere between 2100 and 3000 euros. The same goes for Chinese antiquities from a private Antwerp collection with a pair of kanton vases selling for 3000 euros.

Jos De Mey (1928-2008)
72 x 239 x 43 cm

  RESULT: 1.900 €

Klaar Prims (°1972)
 180 x 60 cm (x 5)

On June 23 Bernaerts entered the arena called design.
Rare pieces like the Pierre Chapo desk, the Jos De Mey sideboard, the Walter Papst garden set, and exquisite collection of vases with designs by Gio Ponti and Ettore Sottsas were eagerly chased after. The collection of handbags sold rather well, except for the top piece, the ’Kelly’ model of Hermès in black crocodile leather.To be continued in December 2010.

The futuristic mobile unit ’The Blob’ left unsold. The unique piece, designed by the Belgium based architects dmvA, can be used as an office, a guestroom, a reception, a garden-house or whatever.The estimate was between 60/70.000 € and nowadays to be visited in Kemzeke, in the Verbeke Foundation, every Thursday-Sunday from 11am-6pm.

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the ’Blob’
the ’Blob’