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Thursday 20 October 10h: lots 1 – 254

Thursday 20 October 14h: lots 255 – 535


Thursday 13 October from 10am till 9pm (nocturne)

Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October from 10am till 6pm

Floris Jespers
Market in the Congo.
46 x 60 cm

  ESTIMATE: 1250/1500 €

Knife. Mangbetu.
ESTIMATE: 200/250 €


Artefacts coming from the heart of Africa over the Asian continent to sculptures from Meso-America: Ogoni (Nigeria), Nok (Nigeria),  Yoruba, Igala, Ibo, a.o. as objects from Burkina Fasso, Ivoorkust, Mali etc. .
Important weapons from Congo (Zande, Salampasu, Songye) next to a pair of Bulul-figures from the Philippines (loten 453 en 454, est.: 3/4000€ per stuk), pieces from Borneo and Papoua-Nieuw Guinea (lot 475), paintings from Floris Jespers and Egyptian watercolours from Friedrich Otto Georgi (loten 398-401). 



Bulul-figure. Philippines.
H.: 54 cm
ESTIMATE: 3000/3500 €

Mask. Igala. Nigeria.
H.: 43 cm
ESTIMATE: 2800/3200 €

Bieden            Live in the room, by telephone or by absentee bid.

                       Live Webcast (registration till 16 October 8pm)

Catalogi          online from September 28


Collecting goods

                             immediately after the sale or 

                      Tuesday 18 October van 9-12h

                      Wednesday 19 October van 9-12h and from 13-17h30

                      Thursday 20 October van 9-12h and from 13-17h30

                      Friday 21 October van 9-12h and from 13-17h30
                      Saturday 22 October from 10 till 12h