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Can art save the world?
No, but she can offer comfort. And insight. New insights.

Is buying art interesting at the moment?
That is not entirely clear (and it never has been).
Buying art is only interesting if the artwork offers individual pleasure.

Why does Bernaerts keep auctioning?
Because we love our job, helping to spread beauty.
Because we feel responsible on behalf of our contributors; after all, they count on the service we promised them in tempore non suspecto.

Because as an intermediary we can fully play our mediating role:

The auction house depends on the contributor and is at the service of.
The auction house depends on the buyers.
The contributor receives money for his commodity,
the buyer gets a piece of beauty for money,
the auction house is grateful to the contributor for the trust and
the auction house is grateful to the buyer for his purchase.

The circle is round.

In these times we daily demonstrate as a group the power of collective resistance.
The task of the auctioneer is – and now more than ever – to keep the wheel spinning, to ensure continuity by keeping on organizing auctions.
In the interest of the contributor, of the buyer, of ourselves.

In addition, Bernaerts also fulfills her social task by depositing 3% of the proceeds into the account of a charity in the Belgian healthcare sector.

What will happen on May 5, 6 and 7? You can read that here.