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Bernaerts always took a great interest in printed material: books, prints, drawings, limited editions, fine bindings, avant garde ephemera … Recent auction results clearly showed a growing demand for high end material in mint condition or with historic provenance. Coloured prints by James Ensor, drawings by great avant garde artists such as Jozef Peeters, Karel Maes, linocuts by Pierre-Louis Flouquet or Edmond Van Dooren, up to contemporary artists such David Hockney or the Belgian emminence grise Roger Raveel, when quality hits the block, collectors are willing to pay top prices.

For the sale ‘From the library of Paul Neuhuys’, we offer a great survey from 1910 up till the seventies. There are important dedication copies by Mesens, Eluard, Tzara besides other great avant garde publications such as ‘Dada soulève tout’, ‘Objet/ Gegenstand’ by El Lissitzky….

The very same day Bernaerts will host a special ‘Photobook’ sale with rare material such as ‘An autobiography’ by Richard Avedon with the intriguing Marilyn print.



               Marie Toyen (1902-1980)
               Composition. Bodycolour.
              290 x 290 mm
              est: 6/8000€

                  Surrealism * Avant-garde.

Accepted for this sale
old and modern prints
old and modern drawings
old and rare books
modern books



Antverpiana & Belgicana

art books
photography: original photos and photobooks XIX – XXth cent.


             Richard Avedon, An autobiography, 1993.
est: 3/5000€



sale May: 16 March 
sale October: 15 August 
sale December: 10 October  

Contact: Elias Leytens or Peter Bernaerts (+32) 03/2481921.