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Collectors of religious sculptures will be standing on the tip of their toes when lots 18 and 19 will be up for sale. These alabasters from Mechelen are precious goods, along with a late 15th century German 'Man of Sorrows' (lot 17), estimated around 1500 euros.

Of course the great late 18the century artist Walter Pompe is present with a statue of Saint Paul (lot 26), estimated 8000-10000 euros. 



Along with these and other high quality pieces we present furniture 'd'époque', as there are Spanish tables, cupboards, tapestries and, of course, a wide range of paintings.

In this section worth mentioning are: Jean-Baptiste Santerre (lot 191) with a fair lady's portrait, and a mythological scene by Gerrit Willemszoon Horst (lot 176), estimated between 3000 and 4000 euros. From the hand of Jozef II Horemans there is a lively interior scene (lot 171) estimated 5000 to 6000 euros. 

The 19th century is in this sale largely dominated by the giant canvas by Karel Ooms with his 'Reconciliation before the court' (140 x 330 cm), estimated 30000 to 40000 euros. Dated 1888, it's the design for a large mural painting in the Antwerp Courthouse. A true museumlike gem!

Also more than worth mentioning are Bronnikov's view on the Roman town of Frascati (lot 274), estimated 6000 to 8000 euros and 'Les amants attrapés' by Alfred Elmore (lot 293).