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During the sales on 11 and 12 December, most light was cast on paintings, sculptures and several applied arts from the 16th up till the 20th century. The sale, to be labeled as 'classical' went surprisingly well with some harsh bidding for several high end items.

A 'grey' painting by Adriaen van de Venne (lot 70, est. 5/6000 euros) tripled its estimate and climbed to a well deserved 18000 euros. A little bit earlier, a painting attributed to Frans Snyders (lot 56) ended at 12800 euros.
Some other results: A Domenico Zampieri 'Sibyl' (lot 273) sold for 8000 euros, whereas a couple of portraits by Montmorency (lot 275) were hammered at 6700 euros. A 'Mechlin doll' from about 1520 depicting Saint Barbara (lot 79) sold for 11000 euros. A tapestry from Oudenaerde (lot 216) sold for 8500 euros, a tryptich in painted ivory (lot 165) changed owner for 8400 euros, thereby doubling it's estimation. A presumably German casket with ivory and and precious wood inlay (lot 184) flew to a bright 15000 euros.

An imposing statue by Charles Vanderstappen (lot 405), 'After the hunt', sold for 8500 euros, whereas a 'David with the head of Goliath', from the workplace o Giocchino Varlese (lot 392) left the room for 4000 euros. On the side of the furniture there were some very pleasant surprises: a Spanish table (lot 190) easily sold for 3000 euros, while a 'vargueno' (lot 194) climbed up to 9000 euros. Most astonishing was the result for a stunning 17th century Flemish cupboard (lot 21). Estimated at 5/6000 euros, the cupboard raised a well earned 20000 euros.

Other results worth mentioning: Guido Philipp Schmitt's 'Hercules slaying a Hydra' (lot 386), 7500 euros; Alfred Aloyisius Smith (lot 461), 9500 euros; Frans Jochems' bronze Ostrich (lot 514), 10200 euros. A painting by Sadji, the Chinese Van Gogh (lot 489), sold for a smashing 43000 euros.