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What to remember from the last auction of the year?

Every good item, whether painting, sculpture or porcelain is being sought after when priced reasonably.

Taken this in mind, it’s no suprise that an animated view by Gerard Portielje (lot 63) left the room for 12.000 euros. A pair of dogs by Henri Schouten (lot 244) changed owner for a reasonable 3000 euros, whereas an impressive marine by Auguste Musin (lot 661) easily took 4000 euros. A 1928 landscape by Floris Jespers (lot 821) left the block at its lowest estimate, 4500 euros.

As almost usual, furniture was hard to deal with, this in contrast to the bronze sculptures: ‘Le combat des cerfs’ by Clovis-Edmond Masson (lot 190) finally got to 2600 euros, a pair of wrestlers by Jef Lambeaux (lot 187) were sold for 3000 euros.

But the highest bid of the sale, paradoxically, was taken by a set of 14 Louis XVI chairs (a combined lot, nrs 271-274), finally making their way to Paris for 14500 euros. Another 13000 euros was the last bid for a diamond necklace (lot 751). 

As the sale drew to an end, some Art Nouveau and Art Deco items were presented, much to the audience’s taste so it seemed: a sculpture by Amorgasti (lot 674) doubled it’s estimate and got to 1100 euros, whereas Gallé and Daum made prices within the range of 1000-2600 euros. The same goes for the Thonet furniture, e.g. a newspaper stand (lot 725) being hammered at 2000 euros. 

271 – 274
Salon Louis XVI
    RESULT: 14.500 €
W.J.Boogaard & G.Portielje
Canvas. Signed.
 66 x 103 cm
RESULT: 12.000 €

H.: 110 cm
  RESULT: 2.000 €
Paire of Chinese vases, XIX.
H.: 48 cm
RESULT: 4.500 €