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April 2022: end of construction works

Because of climate-related concerns and with a view to the reopening of the KMSKA, the auction house had its hall ‘Platform’, the room on the first floor where the exhibitions and auctions take place and which also serves as a concert hall and events hall, renovated between the beginning of January and the end of April 2022.

Over a length of 30 m, contractor Martha restored, insulated and finished the side wall in a light silicone plaster.

The roof, with a surface area of 500 m², was also wrapped to improve the energy performance of the building. A ventilation system was also installed, all according to the new standards. These interventions also brought about an improvement in the acoustics.

The old structures were removed from the roof, freeing up a large area. A study is currently underway to make the best use of these square metres by installing solar panels.

Finally, painters Jack! embellished the façade so that the former cinema can regain its title of ‘la plus belle salle d’Anvers’.

Platform’ is now fully prepared to receive people who want to see and experience art in materialised form (auctions) or ephemerally (concerts).