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How to sell

Do you have valuable items lying around that you would like to have auctioned by Bernaerts? Asking for an estimate is quick and easy. Is the work suitable for sale? Then we will include it in an auction. We briefly explain the steps.


Our experts will be happy to advise you on the value of your art objects. Everything starts with delivering photos.



Provide photos of the objects to be valued
– via the intake form on our website
– via our app Auctioneers Bernaerts
mail them to info(at)

A clear photo of the piece or some overview photos will give our experts a first impression about the quality and saleability of your items.

Please include a brief description, dimensions and possible origin, as well as, if possible, signature, date, material and/or defects. This valuation is free and without obligation.


Keep an eye on your mailbox to get notified of our experts’ advice.


If the mail shows that the pieces are eligible for auction, you will make an appointment with us or we will come to your home.

An estimate at home
For an estate, a larger quantity of artefacts or collections, our experts can come on site.


After the valuation by the expert, a contract (or ‘consignment note’) will be drawn up. This contract includes the sales conditions, the seller’s personal details and the commission percentage (15% of the hammer price).


Also, when the consignment note is drawn up, it is determined whether the items will be offered in a Live auction or a Timed Online auction.

Preferably deliver the approved goods to the auction room, but if impossible, transport can also be arranged at the seller’s expense.

Limit prices

There are several options concerning limit prices:

  • For pieces with an estimate of € 5000 or higher, a limit price can be determined by mutual agreement.
  • For pieces with an estimate lower than € 5000 a ‘discrete limit’ of 75% of the lower estimate applies.
    e.g. estimate € 1000 – 1500, discrete limit = € 750
  • In the Timed Online auctions, no limit prices apply.

Viewing days & Auction

Approximately two weeks before the start of the exhibition, you will receive by email or post a list of your pieces that will be offered, indicating the lot number, date and time of the auction.


All auction lots are published online on our site and on the digital bidding platforms, Invaluable and Drouot.

One week before the auction, we organize viewing days, where potential interested parties can come and view and examine the art objects on offer.

As a contributor to our auction, you are of course welcome to attend both the exhibition and the auction of your goods. You do not need to make reservations for this: both are public and open to everyone. Moreover, you will receive a free ticket for our Platform Concert, which will take place on the Sunday of the exhibition (a classical concert, each time introduced by Peter Bernaerts on the basis of three remarkable works of art that will be offered at the auction).


After the auction you will receive a statement by e-mail indicating the results. The net amount will be paid five weeks after the auction via bank transfer and only after the lot has been paid for by the buyer in the meantime.


The statement will show the hammer price minus the commission and possible additional costs such as transport or any expertise by an external expert.

What if my lot did not sell?

  • Your lot remained withheld during the Live auction: it can be offered again on our online Aftersale, which ends on Monday after the Live auction.
  • Your lot also remained withheld in the Aftersale: it can be offered again in a future auction with significantly reduced estimate OR you can come to collect it.
  • Your lot remained withheld during a Timed Online auction: the lot must be retrieved at the latest 21 days after the conclusion of this auction.

Bernaerts also regularly organises appraisal days, during which you may come to us with works to have them estimated by our experts. Keep an eye on the calendar for the next appraisal day.

A valuation report

Our experts are at your disposal to draw up a valuation report of your art collection, for private use, for notaries or for insurance companies.

The costs for such an appraisal are discussed in advance: depending on the amount of the collection, the costs will based a flat rate or a percentage.

A flat-rate valuation amounts to € 250 for the first hour (€ 150 starting from the second hour) plus travel and dictation costs (at a rate of € 0.50 per km), VAT not included. These costs cannot be recovered.

If (a significant selection of) the pieces are put up for auction, this valuation at home is free of charge.

Terms and Conditions of the Seller

  1. The joint stock company Auction House Bernaerts JSC (hereafter Auction House Bernaerts) acts in all respect and with regard to all the goods released for sale as exclusive intermediary of the provider who gives these goods to Auction House Bernaerts JSC with intended to sell them. Auction House Bernaerts JSC sells as a commission agent in its own name and for the account of the seller, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. Acceptance of the goods does not oblige Auction House Bernaerts JSC to sell them or to put them on sale at auction.
  3. Auction House Bernaerts JSC reserves itself a commission of 15% on the hammer price.
  4. No object entered at auction can be taken back by the seller. The objects are irrevocably assigned to the highest bidder. No restrictions may be imposed on Auction House Bernaerts JSC unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  5. The seller confirms that the delivered goods were once intended for his personal use and that he is the rightful owner. He stated, in addition, to release Auction House Bernaerts JSC from liability of any kind, in case of the auction of the goods. Seller shall fully indemnify Auction House Bernaerts JSC in case of complaints and disputes which could arise from the goods that Auction House Bernaerts JSC has sold or has yet to sell in his name. In case the goods are stolen or that they are the subject of a (pending) judicial decision the seller will always remain responsible for repayment to Auction House Bernaerts JSC of the net amount received following the sale, this on simple request. All goods are accepted without price limit, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  6. In the event that the goods sold at auction do not reach the starting price or limit price agreed, they are removed. Auction House Bernaerts JSC will present these goods for sale in the After Sale that ends at 12 am, on the Monday after the live auction. If necessary, Auction House Bernaerts JSC can present these goods on sale at one of its upcoming online sales, this with a new limit price up to 50% of the original starting or limit price. To cover any expenses, Auction House Bernaerts JSC will charge an amount equal to 5% of the agreed value – with a minimum of € 15 – unless otherwise agreed in writing, in case of a bought-in. For goods having a value of less than € 3,000 no limit is accepted, unless otherwise agreed. For all goods which have not been removed by the seller within 21 days after notification by Auction House Bernaerts JSC, an interest of 1% per month of the hammer price, with a minimum of € 5 per day and per item, will be charged as storage cost. Auction House Bernaerts JSC reserves the right to sell these goods again after having previously notified the seller, this in order to eventually recover the (storage) costs.
  7. The shipment of goods to Auction House Bernaerts JSC must be free of payment. All transport costs, customs, insurance, etc. are the responsibility of the sender-seller. In case Auction House Bernaerts JSC returns the goods to the seller, this will be done solely and exclusively at the risk and cost of the latter. These returns are absolutely not insured by Auction House Bernaerts JSC, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  8. Auction House Bernaerts JSC will pay to the seller the net amount of the sale deducting his commission and other fees agreed upon, such as the restoration, expertise, transportation, etc. This insofar as Auction House Bernaerts JSC has in turn received the payments from the buyer. If in doubt about the solvency of the buyer and/or dispute over the description or the nature of an object, or for any other reason, Auction House Bernaerts JSC has the right to delay the payment to the seller until receipt of the payment from the buyer.
  9. The seller allows Auction House Bernaerts JSC to sell the goods delivered by him according to the terms and conditions which seem most suitable in the eyes of Auction House Bernaerts JSC.
  10. All verbal agreements which are not confirmed in writing by Auction House Bernaerts JSC are non-existent.
  11. If the seller is subject to VAT and he sells goods as such, he must inform Auction House Bernaerts JSC in advance and provide all necessary billing data.
  12. Payment will be done from five weeks on after the goods have been presented at auction, sold and paid for by the buyer.
  13. The return of this document is necessary and mandatory for collection of the goods in the event of recovery.
  14. This document is considered as the basic agreement and is therefore not valid as an expert report. In the period between the writing of the document and the auction layout changes, adaptations of all kinds can be added to or removed from the original description, the estimate or limit price.
  15. All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerp.