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On Thursday 21 March, about 500 items ‘Works on Paper & Editions’ came up for sale. 

Complete list here

A letter from the great belgian artist Rik Wouters to his wife Nel sold for 1200 euros, a letter from Gustave Courbet (lot 1003) went down for 500 euros. 

There was a strong offering and demand for internationally renowned artists’ prints such as Zao Wou-Ki’s ‘Nocture’ (lot 1049), 2800 euros, Gerhard Richter’s ‘Meer’ (lot 1061), climbing up to 4000 euros and Lucio Fontana’s ‘Concetto Spatiale’s (lot 1230) finally making 2600 euros.

(Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, res.: € 4000)​

The range of drawings offered was equally strong and appealing to an eager public. 

The drawing ‘Kackispiritus’ by Sonnenstern from 1954 (lot 1087) left for a Japanese collection at 4000 euros. A preparatory drawing for Lhote’s ‘Le jugement de Paris’ (lot 1398) sold for more than it’s double at 7500 euros in the room against a few competitors on the phone and online. Léon Spilliaert’s drawing ‘Trees by a pond’ from 1932, was hammered at 6500 euros. A drawing by the great Bernard Buffet (lot 1122) sold for a fair 2600 euros.

But all spots were cast on Liu Guosong’s ‘Moon’s change of identity’ from 1971 (lot 1131). This magnificent drawing made well earned 48000 euros.

(Léon Spilliaert, est. € 6500)

The evening session started with a selection from the library and archive of Henri-Floris Jespers. The most valuable items, letters etc found new owner, many of them went to the Letterenhuis, Flanders’ largest archive when it comes to literary manuscripts etc. 

In this part of the sale we offered a choice collection of drawings and prints by the great James Ensor, making prices somewhere between 1000 and 4400 euros.

Sam Dillemans’s etchings (lots 1282-85) made 550 to 1000 euros, whereas the large Dirk Braeckman pictures (lots 1301 and 1302) resp. ended at 5200 and 3500 euros. The sale drew to an end with Floris Jespers’ etchings portfolio (lot 1478) making a well deserved 13000 euros.