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A chronological overview of the obtained hammer prices (exl. buyer's premium 22/23%).

The auction of Monday evening focused on 19th century art. A period that is often overlooked in the art market.
Nevertheless, a painting of Henri Voordecker from 1823 was sold for  € 5000, a little less than a small canvas of Eugène Verboeckhoven (lot 16, res. € 5500). The work 'Landarbeid' of Henri Houben from 1889 was sold at double the estimate (lot 119, res.: € 11000). Two maritime glasspaintings of Petrus Cornelis Weyts were sold for € 2200 and € 2800. The 'Turfsteker' of Isidore Verheyen (lot 123) was sold at six times its estimate (€ 6500). A Thomire milieu-de-table from the Restauration period, which had an estimation of € 2000-3000, was sold for even more, three times the estimate (€ 9600).

Lot 92 Pierre Philippe Thomire (1751-1843)

From the Art-déco period, 'Extase maternelle' of Georges Minne, which was included on the 'Exposition d'art belge moderne' in Stockholm, was sold for € 20 000 (lot 208). A stretching lioness of Albéric Collin made it to a bid of € 5000 (lot 84).

From the collection of the former Minister of State, Mr. Van Dievoet, the intriguing portrait of Jakob Smits (lot 214) was sold for € 1500, a painting on canvas of Evarist De Buck (lot 251) remained unsold and a landscape of Albert Saverijs (lot 253) made € 5000. The work 'Zomers Bosgezicht' of Leon De Smet from 1914 (lot 279) went up to a price of € 9500.

Lot 214 Jacob Smits (1855-1928)

Furthermore, the preliminary draft  'La Conférence d'Algésiras' (1906) of the majestic triptych, which is located in Paris Quai d'Orsay, made by Charles Fouqueray was bought by an enthousiast of historical work (lot 215, res.: € 1400).
In the post-war period, Roger Raveel's work 'Op wandel' (lot 316), went up to an impressive price of € 17000, which is higher than the highest estimate. Moreover, a sculpture of rising star Sofie Muller called 'Me & I” from 2003, in polished aluminium, was hammerd for € 2800 (lot 350). Other results: Ysbrant (lot 311, res.: € 4000), Guy Van Bossche (lot 323, res.: € 3200), Joseph Ongenae (lot 329, res.: € 2400), Kabinda (lot 294, res.: € 2200).

In the department of Design, a set of six chairs of Nakashima (lot 528) were sold for € 8000, an LC2-(driezit), which had an estimation of € 1600/2000, went up to a price of € 5400 and a Utö-table of Axel Heinar Hjorth (lot 504) fetched €5000. A desk with drawers of Belgian icon Jules Wabbes was sold for a hammer price just over € 5000 (lot 870-573). Finally, an LC2- tweezit of Le Corbusier was sold for € 3600.

Lot 528 George Nakashima (1905-1990)