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Romantic/Modern artists

The 19th and early 20th century was represented with paintings by Jules Van Imschoot (lot 36, a historical work containing the story of Garibaldi, reached €10.000), François Musin (lot 33, a marine, € 6500), Charles Verlat (lot 42, two dogs, canvas from 1849, €4200), Edward Portielje (lot 122, €4400), Victor Marais-Milton (lot 38, cardinals in an interior, €5000), Eugeen Joors (lot 43, €3000), E. De Jans (lot 125, €2600), Jozef De Belder (lot 176, €3200), L.P. Verwee (lot 30, € 2000) en W.C. Stanfield (lot 34, €2600). Also a great painting of Adrien Wulffaert (lot 46) reached the achievement of € 10.000.

‘Retour du carnaval’, a beautiful painting by Alberto Vianelli (lot 520), knew a great importance abroad. Buyers all over the world got carried away by the girl, dreaming while lying on an oriental bench while fantastic and carnivalesque ornaments on the background filled the entire room. This work was estimated at €6/8000, but eventually it reached the great number of €20.000.

Other major results: Angelina Drumaux (lot 531, €5700), Frans Mortelmans (lot 524, €4800), Floris Jespers (lot 529, €3000).

Decorative arts from the beginning of the 19th century containing Chinese ivory with for example an Emperor and an Empress (lot 305, h.: 55, € 7000), a standing ‘Quan’in’ (lot 286, h.:55, €3200) and a female immortal (lot 293, h.:40, €3000), porcelain Kang-Shi plates (lot 226, €4000), a couple of cone shaped vases (lot 225, €2200/lot 275, €2400) and other artefacts from the East were very sought and quickly achieved three to four times their estimation.

Also several objects from the Art-Déco period were very appealing like a bronze chimney garnish from Alfred Gilbert that eventually fetched €3200 and a couple of lion cups of Thierry Van Rijswijck (lot 471) brought up €2400. A wooden sculpture by the hands of Albert Poels (lot 475) finally delivered €4000 , a iron chandelier by the design of Van Boeckel (lot 455) reached the double of it’s estimation and climbed to €8000. Buyers had a lot of interest for a little interior from the Art-Déco period and were able to bid almost €9000 for two Kohn cabinets, a plant stand and a standing clock in beech (lots 504, 505 and 507).

Very particular was that a private collection from Brussels containing several masterpieces from the workplace of Lionel Vinche (the estimations varied from €160 to €1500 a piece), approximately 20 ‘puzzle-sculptures’ by the design of Miguel Berrocal (revenues varied between €200 and €1800), paintings by Serge Vandercam (with 2 works  from the sixties (lot 640 en 641) which respectively brought up €4000 and €3200) and no less than 9 canvasses by the hands of the beloved Philippe Vandenberg (1952-2009) passed the review. Especially the paintings between 1986-1991 (lots 735-744) could count on a lot of interest by the Belgian collectors. Lots 737 and 740 reached the prices between €3000 and €4000 while the bigger paintings (lots 741, 742, 744) quickly achieved €7800 to even the magnificent price of €14.000. The most expensive masterpiece was a composition from 1986-87 (150 x 200 cm) that was sold for €17.000. Other beautiful results: Serge Vandercam (lot 640, €4000), Yves Zurstrassen (lot 660, € 5500), José Vermeersch (lot 729, €2900) and a anonymous inox sculpture that carried a monogram (lot 734, €5500).

An automatic 19th century doll (lot 63) charmed the crowds and brought up €7600. Also popular were a few pieces made from various kinds of porcelain: a couple of ‘Sèvres’-vases (lot 6, €7600), playful table pieces (lot 18, €2600), some elegant billiards players (lot 20, €3000) and a tailor sitting on a goat (lot 19, €2600). In the section 19th century furniture, the ‘Boulle’-showcase (lot 70, €4200), the English library (lot 89, €2600), an English table and 10 associated chairs (lot 91, €3800) and a standing clock from Holland (lot 96, €3600) were very sought-after and deserved some special attention. A major cartle on a pedestal (lot 188) reached a price of €4350 which was far above the estimation price. This also counts for a collection of silver cutlery by Wolfers (lot 213, €4200).

Bronze sculptures by the hand of P. Ogé (lot 57, €2000), M. Moreau (lot 58, €3000), A. Moreau (lot 60, €2400) and Ch. Anfrie (‘Les dernières cartouches’, lot 61, €4200) could count on a lot of interested buyers. 

To finish the jewellery: a solitaire (lot 388) was sold at a price of €2200 and a diamant of 2,76 kt (lot 389) achieved the double of the estimation and reached to €4200.