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Lot 6049. Jean Rets (1910-1998). 'Nature morte aux fruits et aux poissons', 1944. Est.: € 1500-2000

Timed Online Classic vs. Modern

28 September – 9 October
Catalogue online (from 28 September)

Classic online (lot 5000-5160)
Modern online
(lot 6000-6109)
Works on Paper online
(lot 7000-7101)
Beuys Beuys Beuys
(lot 8000-8035)

As usual, a Timed Online auction will also be organised alongside the Live auction, with pieces in the same line. In this auction, which has four sessions, you can submit your bids online. Against the clock, in other words, without an auctioneer.


This first ‘session‘ offers you a diverse collection of classical and applied arts. Thus, a series of 18th- and 19th-century religious sculptures, icons, silver candlesticks, chandeliers and Delftware and Namur pottery will be featured alongside a large collection of Chinese porcelain. There are paintings by anonymous 16th- and 17th-century artists, including in the genre of Jan Baptist van Meunincxhove and David Teniers I, but also by Romantic Masters, such as Florent Willems or Balthazar Ommeganck.
Those interested will also find something to their liking in the various lots of reference books on porcelain and earthenware (both European and Asian) or Old Masters catalogues and books on conservation and restoration.

Lot 5030. Jan Baptist van Meunincxhove (1620/25-1703) (genre). The departure of the prodigal son. Est.: € 1500-2000


Under ‘Modern’, you will find a collection of interesting English and French pottery, with several lots of so-calle ‘puzzle’ or ‘toby jugs’, Staffordshire figurines, dishes in the style of Bernard Palissy and also amusing tobacco jars in the shape of well-known figures and types. From the same collection comes a range of glassware, from established names such as Daum, Gallé and Lalique. Furthermore, in addition to some Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture, bronzes by Antoine Bofill and Rudolf Kuchler will be on offer, followed by still lifes by Paul Hagemans, Floris Jespers, Anton Rooskens and a fantastic Jean Rets from 1944, among others. A collection of 23 works by Alfons Vermeir, along with modern works by Piet Van Raemdonck, Octaaf Landuyt or a tapestry design by Julien Van Vlasselaer, completes the series of paintings. There will also be a wide range of design furniture on offer. For instance, you can bid on a lounge chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Cassina, an extendable coffee table by Bernard Vuarnesson for Bellato, an iconic table lamp by Fermin Verdeguer or yet a buffet by Fristho, to name but a few.

Lot 6088. Julien Van Vlasselaer (1907-1982). Design for tapestry 'Appassionata'. Est.: € 800-1200

Works on Paper

Here you will find, among other things, topographical maps, old book bindings, including Buffon’s 31-copy ‘Histoire naturelle’ series alongside drawings by artists such as Henry Somm, Antonio De Simone, Xavier Mellery, Walter Vaes, Constant Permeke, Alice Frey, Albert De Deken and Edouard Duval-Carrié, and works in mixed media by Hugo Claus and Jan Van Imschoot.

Lot 7098. Hugo Claus (1929-2008). 'Bruid in de Morgen'. Est.: € 300-500

Beuys Beuys Beuys

The final session of this online auction is entirely focused on German artist Joseph Beuys. Especially exhibition posters from the 1970s and 1980s, some wanted, are featured here, but a lot of his ‘Postkarten’ is also part of the auction, in addition to some lots with publications about the artist.

Lot 8019. Lot of two posters Joseph Beuys. 'I like America and America likes Me', 1974/ 'Plight', 1985. Est.: € 200-300

Viewing days
28 September – 2 October

Catalogue online
from 28 September

Nearby underground parking: Kooldok or Steendok (5 min walking distance)

Collecting your goods
By appointment and after receipt of payment from Monday 9 October to Friday 20 October (9.00-12.00 & 13.00-17.00) and Saturday 14 October (10.00-13.00).

Frequently asked questions

Bidding in a Timed Online auction:

On Timed Online auctions, all lots are offered exclusively online by auction on our website and app, with a fixed end date at which bidding closes. From the moment this auction comes online, a ‘Timed Online‘ button will appear on our site in the top right corner for you to click.
After registering for the relevant auction, you can place your bid by clicking on the indicated next amount or you can set a maximum bid. In the latter case, the system will automatically bid for you against any other contenders up to the amount of your maximum bid, according to the fixed bid steps. If you are outbid, you will be notified via email and on the app. You can then bid higher if you wish. Your maximum bid is not visible to other bidders.
If you receive a counter bid, or if a higher maximum bid has already been submitted by another bidder, the text ‘OVERBID’ will appear next to the lot in question.

If several bidders have entered the same maximum bid, the one who first set his or her automatic bid will outbid the others.
When the lot is about to close and another bid comes in, bidders will be given 10 minutes to respond each time.

Commission: 30%