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Sale: October 14-15 
Catalog: online 

From 12 to 15 October, in addition to an extensive wholesale from the leading collector and interior designer, the auction was devoted to the 20th century.

From the former collection of Mr. Breugelmans (founder of the legendary Antwerp club VECU) a monumental Jef Verheyen (lot 601, € 36000) as well as a panel by Victor Vasarely (lot 603, € 20000) also dating from 1971 went under the hammer. From the same Breugelmans collection some pieces by contemporaries Pol Mara (lot 644 to 666, respectively € 750, € 2800 and € 3400), Guy Vandenbranden (lot 636 to 638, respectively € 800, € 1400 and € 1600) and Vic Gentils (lot 628, € 600) were in great demand. The large 'Accumulation de tubes' contained in plexi by assembler Arman, who won a hammer prize of € 46000, was also justifiably looked forward to.

From another private collection a relief by Jan Schoonhoven from 1973, “R 73-14” (35 x 35 cm), was hammered at € 85000.

Jan Schoonhoven

The canvas by Floris Arntzenius (lot 516), which depicts a typical “Dutch” scene of a horse-drawn carriage at De Plaats in The Hague found a buyer at € 15000. Originating from the Parisian gallery Denise René, the work 'Mobile' by Julio Le Parc (lot 701), a strong example of kinetic art with nylon thread and shiny metal went for a final € 9500. Both amateurs of classical and modern art were served so to speak. 

Another interesting collection that was covered was that of the former gallery S65. Founded in 1975 in a garage in the city of Aalst by August Hoviele, the space was so successful that in 2002 a second gallery was started in a former textile factory in Cologne.

From the beginning, S65 opted for sparse art: strictly minimal design with a meditative character, usually monochrome and preferably abstract. In the 1980s S65 made its name mainly with English artists such as Nicholas Pope, David Tremlett, Hamish Fulton and David Nash. Their work is very different, but is characterised by a strict design and a sober use of materials. In the nineties the emphasis was mainly on monochrome painting. The intimate paintings of Bert De Beul also found their own place in the gallery.
Through the art fairs of Basel and Cologne Hoviele made contacts with mainly German, Austrian and Swiss collectors. Thus arose the desire to have a permanent location in the Ruhr area' (source: Lieven van den Abeele, De Standaard, 2002).

From this S65-collection, on 15 October, we offered three sculptures by Nicholas Pope who found a buyer (lots 654-656, respectively €1300, € 800 and € 800), as well as a green patinated bronze work in two pieces by Erik Hanson (lot 730, € 800). Zinsser's canvas 'Licensed and bonded' earned € 1200 and Villinger's acrylic painting 'Zinkweiss/Titanweis' an exquisite € 2200.
An untitled work by Jerry Zeniuk (lot 631) changed hands for € 4500. For € 2000 an intriguing portrait of Sophie Kuijken went under the hammer (lot 667) and € 3000 was bid by a collector for the claustrophobic 'Exstacy' by Biljana Djurdjevic (lot 663) to return to Serbia. The double, € 6000, went to a drawing by James Bishop (lot 1372). 

Pieces by internationally renowned 20th century designers were entrusted to this auction. Exceptional was the lamp by Aldo Van Nieuwelaar: 'Model TC2', a lamp made of bent steel tubes, which achieved a hammer price of € 2800. From Cees Braakman, another Dutch designer, we offered about 10 pieces, ranging from chairs and wardrobes to desks. There was a lot of interest and the bidding went very fast, so prices quickly went from € 220 to as much as € 1400 per lot.

Italy was also strongly represented in this auction with work by Piero Fornasetti, 'The designer of dreams', desirable objects for the collector including a collection of plates 'Egocentrismo' (lot 712, € 380) and a side table in playing card motif (lot713, € 900). Andrea Salvetti is a contemporary designer and sculptor whose works are all inspired by nature. Ortofrutta' (lot 591) is an ensemble of two armchairs and a low table. They look like fruit crates but this is only an illusion, the set was made in patinated aluminium. This interesting design ensemble found a buyer at € 2800.

Further design pieces that caught the attention of the bidders were the armchairs by Osvaldo Borsani, the relax chairs by Pierre Paulin (lot 569, € 3200), a chair and chest of drawers by Pierre Chapo (lot 570 and 590, respectively € 1600 and € 2300) and the relax chair with footstool by Ilmari Lappalainen (lot 579, €1100).

Pierre Paulin